Carbon Fibre Drums

Carbon Fibre Kit is at the top of our price range, being more labour-intensive and using more costly materials.


Option One – Coloured Carbon Fibre  These Staccato Thunderhorn drums are constructed in lightweight Carbon fibre with a coloured finish.

 Impregnated colour finish – no paint is used. Colour options include Monochrome (Black/White) and any combination of Red/Yellow/Blue/Green or Orange. Because we are not building these drums on a production line but only to order, your custom kit will be built to your own interior and exterior colour specification.

Option Two – Clear Carbon Fibre Staccato Thunderhorn drums constructed in lightweight Carbon fibre with a gloss transparent finish that allows you to see the holographic effect of the carbon fibre weave, an effect you may have seen on some motor racing machines such as Formula 1 cars.
Using this unique technique on our drum kits makes them the most exclusive in the world. As a result of the expense of the materials, the complexity of production and the workmanship involved, this is the most expensive option.

  • All drums come fitted with replica Hayman hardware, as fitted to the original Staccato drums. All drums are made to order, custom artwork and special colour options are available at an extra cost.


Production methods for the 2013 shells remain exactly the same as the vintage kits, hand laminated colour impregnated glass reinforced plastic and carbon fibre composite in the special limited range.

  •  We have made a major improvement to the Tom Tom’s allowing them to fit inside each other reducing the transportation space.


Sizes available 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14″ TomToms – 16″ Floor Tom  – 22″ Bass Drum

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