Staccato Drums based in Norwich, Norfolk [East of England] est.1977

Producing Fibre Glass & Carbon Fibre custom Drums

The Drums work on something called the “kadency” principle, in which “a volume of air projected through a controlled expanding space will have a great effect on tonal resonance, distribution and power.” In drummers’ terms, clarity with loads and loads of volume.

To make this happen, Staccato shells are quite thin, but are stronger than steel, being made from GRP (glass reinforced plastic). But their real acoustic strength lay in the fact that the notched horns can make them sound deep even when the heads are tight. there is actually a difference of one octave between the head and the mouth of the drum, which is more useful for recording because it offered many more miking options. The shape of this mouth is constant for all the drums, although the size is not.

The bass drum is even more distinctive, with two ray-shaped mouths known as Siamese Twins, They are designed to work by having two mouths for spread, sharing a single diaphragm to maximize the output/volume of the sound.


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